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"Dummy" product type

"Dummy" product type

So I asked this over at SO and had no luck. 


I need to create a custom product type in Magento that does not have a will really only exist to display a picture (of a parts diagram) and pull together a list of all the parts shown in the diagram. Which the customer would be able to purchase.
I've spent some time researching how to do this and have come up empty. Any help?

Note: I can't use a grouped product type, because each of the parts associated to a given schematic (Dummy item) will relate to several other schematics as well....with different schematic keys. In other words, a lug-nut will be displayed in one parts diagram image with a schematic key of (A), and another with a schematic key of (Z). In either case, they both refer to the same lug-nut with a SKU of XYZ.

I've got everything sorted out from a technical perspective except creating the "dummy" product type that holds everything together. I just need a product type that just...exists. No price, no add-to-cart. Nothing.