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"Simple Product" Visibility problem in version 1.9


"Simple Product" Visibility problem in version 1.9


I have problem when creating "Simple Product" with magento Xml-Rpc Api.

(Code is working in version 1.8.1  bug appeared only on 1.9 version)

When product was created i can see it in magento admin, but can't in magento website.


If i go to magento admin and set visibility to "Not visible individually" press "Save and continue edit" set visibility to "Catalog, Search" again and press "Save and continue edit" product nicely appears on website.


After creating product i can read it or open in magento admin with appropriate visibility set correctly (it can be search or Catalog, search)


Thanks in advance for help.





Re: "Simple Product" Visibility problem in version 1.9

It seems like something happenign when you create product. You need to check if product added to the correct store and all  required information was set for product. I had similar situation when product wasnt assign to correct store in feed file.