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rest api - fail to get oauth_token


rest api - fail to get oauth_token


i'm trying to use the rest api by following . but instead of getting the oauth_token i'm redirect to magento frontend default page .

i also tried

but i get soap-env xml as returned with "Invalid XML"  .. any idea ? 


my env : magento & php 5.6.25 & apache 2.4.23


return xml

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlnsSmiley FrustratedOAP-ENV="">
<faultstring>Invalid XML</faultstring>



after digging a little bit it seem like the problem is the Qouth_callback parameter . in the above examples , it should be letf empty or point to magento himself .in my case it's http://localhost/magento . should i set any script / page .. something for it ? .

The default magento page is load as a result of redirect when using localhost , but when using i get


 what should be the callback address and what should it contain ? 



Re: rest api - fail to get oauth_token -solved

seem like i had two problems

1. php_oauth.dll fail to load in my php setting

2. some DNS problem using localhost . i change it to 


using the php script from " " it works .