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setBackorderEstimate() and getBackorderEstimate() declaration in app/code folder!

setBackorderEstimate() and getBackorderEstimate() declaration in app/code folder!


I'm using backorder extension for magento CE 1.9.x. In this extension I can set backorder for products and this extension set dispatch time based on backorder date and time I set for each product.

Customer can make an order that has backordered items within. In admin panel and in sales/orders section I can see order detail and in order items detail if a product has backorder, it's status in order item changed to backorder and dispatch time will be shown for that item.

I found that in this extension in app/code/community and in Model/ observer.php there are a function called globalSalesOrderPlaceAfter that returns  product's  backorder dispatch time in admin panel order detail item by calling the below method: 


$item is the product in order detail and $timestamp is the backorder time that I set for this product. This method set backorder for a product and show it in admin panel order items.

The problem is I want to see this method declaration ( I mean setBackorderEstimate) and see how it works, but I could'nt find it anywhere in app/code folder of magento! Also there is a function called getBackorderEstimate that I want to find and no luck to access either!

I want to know if these two methods are magento default functions or they are specific for this extension so I must contact it's developer.