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_super_products_sku and others not showing in csv export

_super_products_sku and others not showing in csv export

I have created a configurable product manually and added child products to my new 1.9.2 magento test site and then using this exported csv i have been able to create another configurable product with it's children but the parent is not connecting to the children. Apparently I need super attributes like super sku etc but no super fields are shown in my export file. I have tried both the dataflow export and the standard export and a custom product export. Does anyone know how i can get it to export them using my current setup. I dont want to have to learn magmi etc as im a begginer.




Re: _super_products_sku and others not showing in csv export

That won't work. Config products won't link with simple products, and neither will grouped products. You need to find a module that does this or create one on your own. You'll notice that the attributes used on the initial config products aren't imported either, so when you try to view the config product in the admin grid iit asks you to select the configurable attributes as well.  

Re: _super_products_sku and others not showing in csv export

Hi, Thanks for the info !


I had read this from another site that suggested it was possible so i just assumed it was !


Like @Nils says, the best way is to first create one configurable product with associated simple products in the admin panel manually and then do an export using the export function from System > Import/Export > Export. By doing this you will have a .csv file that is fully compatible with your Magento version.

When closely examining the file you should also see some specific columns for configurable products, for instance:

_super_products_sku, _super_attribute_code, _super_attribute_option, and _super_attribute_price_corr

You will need to enter the correct data for each configurable product in those columns. If you do this the right way then the simple products should be associated to the configurable products automatically."


I cant belive they have made a purpose built platform that cant import products with variations without a paid addon.


Oh, well thanks.



Re: _super_products_sku and others not showing in csv export

Have since realised after manually inputting all my configurable listings with their asscoiated simple listings and after viewing a products export using simple "Exort" option under system, import/export that the spreadsheet first creates lines for the configurable listings with the associated variant options and super sku's as a kind of template (Can take up many lines) then further down the spreadsheet the actual simple products are listed so i imagine when imported back in first the template is created/amended and then the simple listings are able to populate the configurable listing. I havnt actually tried to create a configurable listing as yet so i cant be sure if the configurable listing will actually link with the simples but i would be surprised if not.