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switching between products

switching between products

I want to be able to switch products pages based on color to its own pages . Basically each color will have its own page.
So when you click on color swatch it wil take to that product color page.
Is this something that available out of the box or has to be custom program and maybe add-on ?
Please advice.


Re: switching between products

Hi @Helenj2017,


That is not available in Magento out-of-the-box.


You should implement a 3rd-party extension or create a custom extension to support those features.


Here is the extension marketplace for Magento 1:


Here is the extension marketplace for Magento 2:



Best regards.


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Re: switching between products

do you know what extension can do this ?

Thank you

Re: switching between products



as mentioned above, this functionality is not available in a default Magento installation.


But there is also an alternative way of using swatches: instead of reloading a page with a unique URL for each product configuration (this may cause duplicate content issues), you can reload item photos, description, attributes, etc. with AJAX on the same page. This is possible with our Color Swatches Pro module for Magento 1

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