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tier prices

tier prices



I have problems with the tier prices when the price is the same like the first tier price. In this case the tier price does not appear in the table.


Written in magento backup:

price = 2.49



36 and above = 2.49

72 and above = 2.39

144 and above = 2.29

288 and above = 2.14


Written in product site:

price from 2.14 per piece

minimum sale quantity = 36 pieces


tier prices:

from 72 pieces 2.39

from 144 pieces 2.29

from 288 pieces 2.14


The problem is, that I get the tier prices from 72 pieces and not from 36 pieces. Because the price is not written in page, the customer cannot see the price for 36 pieces. What can I do, that also the price for the 36 pieces are inside the table from tier prices?


I cannot load pictures here, but I hope I explained in a good way.


Thank you for helping





Re: tier prices

A printscreen from your admin will can help me to understand what is wrong. Take a look here and see if you do the same.

Re: tier prices

Hi @SinaMarie


The Magento Tier Price always work when all the tier prices are smaller then the main product price. So change according to that and try again.

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Re: tier prices

Hello Bianca,

thank you for your answer. I did the same, all prices are like this.

The different is the price and the tier price:

in your example

price = 1000 USD

tier price qty 100 and above 900 USD


in my site

price = 1000 USD

tier price qty 2 and above 900 USD

tier price qty 3 and above 800 USD


In my site is not written the price for one piece, its written "from price 800 USD" (the lowest tier price). So I dont have the price for one piece anywhere in my site. I tried to add the first price in the tier prices:

price = 1000 USD

tier price qty 1 and above 1000 USD

tier price qty 2 and above 900 USD

tier price qty 3 and above 800 USD

but its not working. I dont get the first tier price in the table.


Greetings SinaMarie

Re: tier prices

Hi MayurSisodia,


you are right. But the problem is, that I need this price even if its the same, because in my site its not written: Price = 1000 USD. Its written Price = from 800 USD (the smallest tier price.) So I dont have the price if its the same like product price. Is it possible to solve it, that also the main price is included in the table?