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using rest api: oauth

using rest api: oauth



I am trying to establish a connection using the rest api from a PC/Delphi client I want to write, but first must carry out oauth. I am a desktop developer, not a web person, so after much googling I have come to the point where I admit defeat.


I have the Consumer configured and I have the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret tokens. However, I do not know how to carry out the securing of the Access Key and Access Key Secret tokens. I vaguely understand that I need some kind of REST client and I found what appears to be Ruby COde at the following link:


I got so far as to install a REST client add on for my Firefox browser but I don't know how to use it.


I need just a simple total noobie bullet list type explanation of how to get the other two keys. I want it for an admin connection, not a front end or guest..


Second question: do I need the callback url filled in on the Consumer config window in Magento admin back end and if so, do I just make it up? How do I know what to put there?


Thanks in advance for anybody wo might be willing to help me.