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validation & its customization

validation & its customization



           I am using magento 1.9.1 but it seems that magento do not have strong validation at all !! eg. ph no accepts letters too...same with pin no. etc. i also want to remove fax and company option which is any one knows what is exact problem ???


Re: validation & its customization

You can modify the existing validation to what ever you want. Are you talking about codebased changes or GUI chagnes?

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Re: validation & its customization

Hello Sir,


    I am expecting both issues solutions,will be glad to have those ones. 

Re: validation & its customization

Hi @amarg26


Step 1: Click on below link for phone number and pin code validation solution please follow the steps mentioned in link.



Step 2: Click on blow link to remove filed form address filed.



Hope this helps you.

Query solved? Accept as Solution.Thanks
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