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6788 Serious Issues, Please Help!

6788 Serious Issues, Please Help!

So ever since we installed 6788 Patch our site sources cannot compile. I think that maybe we installed the patch without disabling compilation but not sure. 


Backend of the site works fine except that we have to keep entering in our admin credentials (this may be a hint) 


Here is what happens:


If Compilation is enabled we get the white screen on the front end which I believe to be a 200 error not a 500 error. 


What is the best way to fix this? Also our site is extremely slow now as well. 


So to rehash:


1.) Admin Login: Takes many tries to get it in to backend.


2).  Compilation turned on makes the front screen white. (No Errors in error logs either and we also used the code in index.php:  ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1)


3.) Site is extremely slow now but server load is normal, Can I assume it is because of compilation being off? 


4.) We think it may have something to do with an extension but we need all the extensions we have and all of them are 6788 compatible now. 


Running CE on Live 

Running CE on Dev (Same Issues)


Thanks so much to whoever can help! 






Re: 6788 Serious Issues, Please Help!



You login into Magento Admin and disable compilation. Go to Magento source >  delete folder src (includes/src).

Clear Magento Cache and Re-index Magento > enable compilation again.

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