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BUG after patch with SUPEE-6285

BUG after patch with SUPEE-6285

After the most recent patch install with SUPEE-6285 we have found that we can no longer change a customer's password from Customers > Manage Customers > Account Information > Password Management.   

Prior to the patch install, when you would click on New Password, you would get a new field for the Current Admin Password.

This no longer appears, and the code no longer appears in the source code.  (ie before patch install, even if it was not visiable, the code would appear with an inline style="display:none;"

This is the same on all three of my sites, so its not an isolated issue. 

Anyone have any information on what is causing this and a fix for it?


Thank you!!


Re: BUG after patch with SUPEE-6285

Have you checked console for the issue? Also check system.log and exception.log file for actual error. try to solve it or paste over here so I can provide you further solution.