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Create Account Issues

Create Account Issues

I've got someone bombarding my site with a script that is signing up as rogue users which contains the following :

firstname: Егор->

lastname :


I'm guessing they're doing this from the "create account" page as they're filling up my database... 


What can I do to stop it ?  I suspect that the ip address is changing, so an IP block might not be the answer.  They've sent out 10,000 emails and my email provider has blocked me from sending email now.... Grrrr


Any ideas ?


Re: Create Account Issues

I've used an existing obsevrer that listen this event:



There you can validate the lastname and thrown an exception.
Somthing like:


if (strpos($customer->getLastname(), '')) {
    Mage::throwException('Spam registration');
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Re: Create Account Issues


I did handle the similar issue sometime back. Here is the list of IPs we blocked to temporarily stop the spam customer creation. 


deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from


More reliable solution to implement CAPTCHA on the registration form. You can enable the same from Magento Admin or install the plugin from Market place (FREE)  to avoid such issue to appear.


Solution @Damian Culotta will work with your particular case (fyi we had the same issue), however you can see the same issue with different details. Possibly instead of ".ru" in customer email you can see ".ch" and Chinese in first name and last name.


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