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Critical Updates

Critical Updates

I have a number of critical updates to install which I don't know what to do with.

I am not even sure where to get started.

I am not a techie - I am running

Where do I go or what do I do?  Can someone point me in the right direction please.

I had a very unscrupulous developer/host  who sold me the package and since then has just ignored every email I have ever sent about this.  I now need to work it out.

Thank you


Re: Critical Updates

This is a Magento 2 forum branch, not for Magento 1.x

Re: Critical Updates

Hi @Patsy1122


Have you ever applied any of the patches release by Magento? If yes then you check for the patches which were released after the last applied patch.


If you never applied any of the patch to your site then go to release archive tab. 

Download the patches (based on the order of release) and apply to your site one by one.


NOTE: Always apply patches on the staging or development environment first and fix the issues before deploying to the production site.


If you are not aware of all these things you may take help from a developer or technical person.So that person will be able to find out whether any patch was applied to your site or not and which are the missing patches.


Please reply if you need more information.


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