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Finding The Download Page


Finding The Download Page

Is it just me or is there a link missing between My Account and the Downloads page?  The alert sent out about the latest patch includes a link to this article, which tells you to go to My Account > Downloads tab.  There is no downloads tab.  The sticky post by Sherrie on this forum says to log into your account and download the patch, but again, there is no way to get from the My Account page to the downloads.  I had to Google for "how to download Magento" in order to find the Tech Resources - Download page.  Am I crazy or did they miss something big when they updated the marketplace and account pages?


Re: Finding The Download Page

@bcp_vpsMagento did not mess up anything. Magento has 2 version of software: Enterprise and Open Source.


If you are using Enterprise version then you can download it from Merchants account. However, if you are using Open Source which is available for FREE can be downloaded from Magento download page.





You must be using Open Source version of Magento software. You can go the link pointing with arrow in above picture and download the patch.


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Re: Finding The Download Page

@hellotaran Ah Ha, you are correct, silly me.  I forgot they changed the name of Enterprise and Community versions.  I glazed over the fact that there was an Open Source section at the bottom, which we are using.  Thanks for pointing that out.  It still would be nice if you could easily get to the download page from My Account, but that's a side issue.