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Issues after installing PATCH_SUPEE-10266

Issues after installing PATCH_SUPEE-10266

Hello All,


I run a magento website on version and recently went to install the new security patch 10266.


However, after doing so I have experienced quite a few problems. The first problem I noticed was that I was unable to remove products from the Minicart, I was getting an error message instructing me to try refreshing the page.


Secondly, during checking out it asks you to log in even if you are already logged in and also when you add a zip code for a postage estimate it does not update the total.



I decided to revert the patch but for some reason I am still having issues.
I read somewhere that this could be related to file permissions, so downloaded and ran magento-cleanup.php from Github... but still seem to have the issues.


Has anybody else experienced similar problems or have any advice?
Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




Re: Issues after installing PATCH_SUPEE-10266

I dont know how to resolve your issues, I'm trying to figure out the issue with "Invalid Secret Key" error myseld.


But I recommend:


1) run a backup of files+database before any changes on the server. Especially when you are patching. 


2) dont leave any database or archives of your files on the server (your server is being scanned every day by bots for these files)


3) change names of those files to random name (not db.sql, database.sql, and etc)


Re: Issues after installing PATCH_SUPEE-10266

I am usually very careful when it comes to updates like this.
Alas, the one occasion I was not quite as careful this happens. I did not try this on a testing environment first... stupid I know, but I was at least sensible enough to backup all my files and the database prior to patching.

Not had any luck figuring out a solution to my issues so having to resort to going back to my backup.

If anybody has any ideas what may have caused my issues, any help would be very much appreciated Smiley Happy I will need to try and get this patch to work.

Thanks again.