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Latest Security patch i need help

Latest Security patch i need help

Please help provide easy instructions for a regular person to install security patch on local machine i dont understand the book, Its written for developers, is there a way that a regular person can install this patch, please provide clear and easy to understand instructions, I have tried the manual, google and youtube, I am very distressed at the lack of help in reguards to magento, why is it such a difficult program? 


Re: Latest Security patch i need help

Magento is an enterprise oriented system, it really isn't for a non-technical person or for a business without professional developer(s).


This patch, in particular, will likely require a developer.  At a minimum you will need bash (unix shell) access to your site, but you really should have a full site (code + database) backup before applying the patch--and you will need a developer to review and implement fixes for the admin routing changes.


PM me if needed