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Magento CE 1.8.0 issues when moving from localhost to dev server

Magento CE 1.8.0 issues when moving from localhost to dev server

I have ran through and applied patches to a local working version of my magento site (excluding patch SUPEE-6788) and everything appears to be working as expected. I have now deployed these changes to a development server version of the site to which I am now experiencing some functionality issues.


1) When trying to access the backend admin, the login form is loading as a plain white page (no styling applied) to which I can't login. Under Chrome developer tools I am getting a series of 'net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT' messages and for some reason it is trying to access a different url (admin is being prepended to the url e.g. This is only displaying in the console and the url in the browser still remains as


2) The Front end issue is occurring with the layered navigation of the site which is being generated by MANAdev layered navigation. When clicking on a subcategory or filter the url is changing but no filtering is being applied. If I then refresh the page I am directed to a 500 server error page. 


I have been tailing the apache server logs and also checking magento var/log/system.log but with no luck so far!



If anyone could shed any light on either of these issues it would be massively appreciated.