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New to Magento

New to Magento

Dear All,


Im new to magento and need to apply around 20 critical patches onto our website! These date back to April 2014 and start with Supee 5344 - 1533.


Could someone and this would be very much appreciated explain whats involved to patch and some of the risks please?


Im sorry cant even tell you what version we are on Im that new...Do have 20 years IT exprience Linux SSH etc


Re: New to Magento

@nickreadI will not recommend you to apply patch as you have no working experience with Magento. As you said you need to apply patches from 2014 which means you are using a very old version of Magento 1. Magento 1 will be gone next year.


I am not sure if you have budget or not. Only recommendation I have is hire a development agency and get the website build on latest version of Magento which is Magento2.


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