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Patch 6788 Problems

Patch 6788 Problems

Just installed the new patch files on 1.8.  After installing it we seem to be having some troubles with other stores showing that we have created under this Magento install.  Now the main install is  This comes up perfect.  Shows all the pages and every item we have on it.  When we go to another store say like it shows none of the items even if they are enabled.  Is anyone else running into this when installing the files to a multi store?  I'm going to keep searching and even look back and make sure all the files are going to the correct location.  Thanks for any help!




Re: Patch 6788 Problems

I think that issue is caused by the whitelist feature that was added with this patch.


If you need to fix this on 1 instance and you have shell access to it you can use this -

If you have only ftp access, need it applied on multiple environments and the only thing that needs to be updated is whitelist db you can use this -


Hope this helps.