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Patch SUPEE-7405 error

Patch SUPEE-7405 error


I've tested the Pacth SUPEE-7405 and even tested in Magento to insert Script in the email registration form, and I'm still can do it.


I've deleted the javascript restriction and validations in the form and inserted “><script>alert(1);</script>”, and I could executed.




Re: Patch SUPEE-7405 error

Hi @ecaMO4W


Can you share some more details?

1) How did you install the patch?

2) Did you download it from Magento official site or from some other site?

3) After applying the patch have you verified that the code has been properly affected in the files mentioned in the patch?(I mean whether patch was applied successfully or not?)



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Re: Patch SUPEE-7405 error


I've applied the Patch but even so just to be sure, I've even installed a
new clean Magento version just to test it.

In that installation I could insert easily also the script in the email
section, so is not about how I've installed the Patch, even in a clean
Magento is happenning.

I went deeper in the code and looks like the new function added to
implement the Zend validation "MaliciusCode", the attributes sent by the
registration Post are not being passed to that function.

Hope that helps.