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Patching 1.8x

Patching 1.8x

After patching 1.8x with PATCH_SUPEE-5994_CE_1.6.0.0_v1-2015-05-15-04-34-46 it seems to break and I get nothing but a blank page

Re: Patching 1.8x

Turn on the error reporting or check your PHP error log to find out the error.


To turn on error reporting in Magento, goto index.php in the root directory




and uncomment

ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);


To find your PHP error log - try outputting phpinfo() and check for "error_log" or ask your web host.


Let me know what works!

Kimberely Thomas
Magento Certified Solution Specialist
Business Solutions Architect
Magento, Expert Consulting Group