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SUPEE-6788 & Compatibility mode

SUPEE-6788 & Compatibility mode

We''ve installed SUPEE-6788 on Magento 1.8.1.

After the installation the Cache was cleared, so Magento could install new tables etc.


We wanted to turn off Compatibility mode in System>Configuration>Admin>Security, so we could see which modules need to be fixed.

After that the backend fails to load. Tried to clear cache and it still didn't work. Tried to turn the compatibility mode back on in core_config_data, but the backend was still not working.

The only fix it was to do a DB restore.


If I'm correct the whole backend should be working and the older modules should return 404.

Is this issue maybe related with use of custom admin URL. The site uses a subdomain for admin. This is configured through the administration.



our forntend:

our admin:

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Re: SUPEE-6788 & Compatibility mode

I got the same problem in our test enviroment.

If you can open your sytem.log with an ftp program(var/log/system.log), or check your servers error log, you can see which extension gives the error, en disable it (app/etc/modules/YOUR_EXTENSION.xml)

open the xml en set <active> to false


Re: SUPEE-6788

The only thing in our system.log is:
2015-10-30T08:42:49+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Undefined variable: block in
.../ on
line 182

This started droping in after the Patch was installed.

Check also apache error log and nothing interesting inside.

Re: SUPEE-6788

By any chance, did you leave the compiler on? Make sure it's turned off and clear the cache again.


Sounds like two incompatible chunks of code are attempting to be executed together.


Always disable both the compiler and all the Magento cache before applying patches so all the new configuration is read on first run.

Re: SUPEE-6788

Compiler is always off on our sites.


I do not turn off cache when installing new Patches or Modules. After install/patch I clear chase and anything installs.

So Don't think it's a cache issue.



The ting that makes me wonder it that, if I turn on again the comparability, the site still does not work. Even if I clear Redis cache or Magento cache (have a script for this in case of emergency).

Re: SUPEE-6788

Tried as you suggested.

Installed patch with turned off cache. Store works the same, but crashes after turning off compatibility mode.


So nothing changed.

Re: SUPEE-6788

If it crashes after you turn off compatibility mode, then you have a module that needs to be upgraded to work with Magento's new security model.

As to which module, you will need to turn on developer mode (see index.php) and logging (System Config => Developer) to try getting it to output a stack trace that will help identify where it's having the issue. It might give you a bit more than the one you noted (below). Do you have a 3rd party module that sends out email?

2015-10-30T08:42:49+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Undefined variable: block in .../ on
line 182

Re: SUPEE-6788

But why it does not work if I turn Compatibility mode back on in the DB?

No we don't have any custom modules which would send emails. And the apache and Magento error logs are empty.