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SUPEE-6788 and Owl Carousel Brand Slider (Magento


SUPEE-6788 and Owl Carousel Brand Slider (Magento

Hello Magento Brethren!


So I recently updated my test server to the latest patch of 6788. All seemed well and good, until I realized the brand slider has lost functionality. I looked over all the files affected in the patching process, but can't really pinpoint what could be causing the malfunction. Being a popular carousel plugin, I don't assume I am the only one facing this problem, and am curious if anyone has any idea what the issue could be.. and how to alleviate it. Thanks!


Re: SUPEE-6788 and Owl Carousel Brand Slider (Magento

Little more digging, and I found this:


It goes exactly through what the problem was, and declares the way to fix it! 






Example: {{block type="brands/brands" template="infortis/brands/brand_slider.phtml"
breakpoints="[0, 1], [320, 2], [480, 2], [768, 3], [960, 4], [1280, 5]" block_name="Our


That was the block I was attempting to use. Going to the Backend and navigating to System > Permissions > Blocks


and adding the block "brands/brands" and enabling complete with a cache refresh got it working again. Smiley Happy