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SUPEE-7405 Security Update, damages site

SUPEE-7405 Security Update, damages site

We installed this security patch for Magento ver. and have had nothing but problems.


First of all we couldn't access admin and we couldn't view any of the products, the page kept timing out.


It seems after nearly every magento update it to effect the rest of the site, why aren't these tested before being released.


I have now reverted back back to the original settings, but know I cannot change my admin password, its just a big mess!


Please can someone help?


Re: SUPEE-7405 Security Update, damages site

Hi @petebrewer


For non technical users Magento patch applying process is difficult.


Please go through post. It will help you to fix the issues.


For admin 

  • Form key validation has been added to the admin login in Mage_Admin_Model_Observer has been added.
  • You must be on php 5.4 or higher with the new patch.

NOTE: You must apply the patch on development environment or staging environment first then only you should apply patch to production.


If you use Magento compilation feature then before applying the patch disable it and once the patch is applied recompile the code.


Try to clear caches from var/cache folder and session from var/session.


See if it fixes the issue for you.



 @petebrewer I have updated the link in the post the previous url in the post was a private. Please check


What I do before installing the patch :

1) I read the patch release notes first.

2) Open the patch file and see which files will be modified.

3) Check  magento installation for any core files modifications.


1) After applying the patch you have to manually modify the affected template files in your custom theme.

2) If affected file has been overridden by moving it in to local code pool then manually patch that file.


Some times patch installation fails because of core files modifications, not applying previous patches.

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Re: SUPEE-7405 Security Update, damages site

Thank you for your reply.


An experience magento developer I have been using for years installed the security patch.


The link you provided does not work


Its says:

Re: SUPEE-7405 Security Update, damages site

Hi @petebrewer, the link @Mukesh Tiwari referenced leads to a post on StackExchange where others have been documenting their troubleshooting of this patch based on different installation environments:


While the patch was heavily tested, it unfortunately can't account for every Magento installation instance as all become quite varied with customizations and extensions.


Hope the above helps!


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