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SUPEE-7405 on Magento

SUPEE-7405 on Magento

When installing the SUPEE-7405 on magento the patch is trying to remove the comment on these lines:


-/* @var $_helper Mage_Authorizenet_Helper_Data  */
-$_helper = $this->helper('authorizenet');
+/* @var $_helper Mage_Authorizenet_Helper_Admin  */
+$_helper = $this->helper('authorizenet/admin');

However the comment 

@var $_helper Mage_Authorizenet_Helper_Data

was not added until magento and not in


I have got around the issue by added the comment to the file and then running the patch.






Re: SUPEE-7405 on Magento

Hi @rob3000, were you able to get this working?


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Re: SUPEE-7405 on Magento

I needed to add 

/* @var $_helper Mage_Authorizenet_Helper_Data  */

above the helper declaration comment to the file and then ran the patch again and it worked.