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SUPEE-8788 v2 - Magento

SUPEE-8788 v2 - Magento

Hello everyone, I'm trying to install the SUPEE-8788 v2 in a customer store, but to do it I need to do a rollback of SUPEE-8788 v1. So, I'm looking for the security patch SUPEE-8788 v1, where I can find it?


I need this release to rollback the changes made by SUPEE-8788 v1 in the project. If you have another solution to run these steps I want to know.


Apply the V2:

  • revert SUPEE 8788 v1
  • revert SUPEE 1533 (if installed)
  • install SUPEE 3941 (if not installed)
  • install SUPEE 8788 v2

These steps were found on


My Magento version is


Thanks a lot for your attention.



João Paulo Cercal