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SUPEE-9767 Ver 2


SUPEE-9767 Ver 2

Hello Magento !


We planned to install the security patch SUPEE-9767 for our clients

but stopped when we heard that there are certain problems with it

and Magento Support is planning to update it and release the version 2 soon.


Could you please advice when we can expect the release of version 2

so that we could inform our clients and schedule our maintenence.






Re: SUPEE-9767 Ver 2

A rough idea on date would be nice.

Re: SUPEE-9767 Ver 2


Re: SUPEE-9767 Ver 2

I've had to temporarily disable form key validation on checkout to resolve this Smiley Sad 

Re: SUPEE-9767 Ver 2

I've been waiting on word on a V2 of this patch as well.  Bumping this up, hope we can get an answer on if or when this new version will be released.

Re: SUPEE-9767 Ver 2

Hi All, I have installed SUPEE 9767 V2 patch and it failed to install. Will be there any new version for SUPEE 9767 ??

Re: SUPEE-9767 Ver 2

Hi all, so sorry for the lack of response here. The v2 patch was available starting July 12th. You can find it here:


Community Manager, Magento
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