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Securing Magento Patch or Upgrade?


Securing Magento Patch or Upgrade?



I am trying to help someone who is currently running Magento The store owner's knowledge of Magento is very limited, and our main concern is the security of the current installation.


We have Magento running behind an Incapsula firewall. Will Incapsula protect against vulnerabilities such as the Zend Framework exploit. Will the firewall protect against the Magento installation not having the latest patches installed?


Is it advisable in order to secure the Magento installation to upgrade to version 2, or will patching the current version be enough?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Securing Magento Patch or Upgrade?



I guess that the first step is to patch your current installation/version. You'll find all the patches for that version.


Then if you like, you can upgrade to the latest 1.x version (but with patches you'll be ok) (for the moment, of course).


An upgrade to Magento2 isn't the same as changing of version on Magento1. You need to think that upgrade as a replatform.

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