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Security update to and Meanbee Royal Mail

Re: Security update to and Meanbee Royal Mail

I'm having the exact same "no quotes are available for this order at this time" problem. I have checked the country selection in all store contexts, and all are set to "All Allowed Countries", I have also tried selecting only United Kingdom and checking out with a UK address - same problem.


I had the extension working fine on version 2.6.5 and then upgraded to 2.7.5 when this problem started. I then downgraded back to 2.6.5, cleared all cache etc. But the problem remained! So I cannot get any shipping quotes from the Meanbee extension, other delivery methods work normally.


Any ideas?




Edit: I was able to get it working again on 2.6.5 (the delivery methods within meanbee had been deselected). So the issue must show up in some version between this version and 2.7.5. I will step through the updates and figure out where it happens.