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System Backup Search


System Backup Search

Hi All, 


Hope someone can help me, I've had someone come onto the website and search for system_backup I carried out the same search and there was no results.  Any reason someone would carry out search of this type?  


Just seems a little odd that someone would search for this.  


Re: System Backup Search

Fishing to see if you left any sql dumps, tarballs or other backups out in the open where they could be downloaded.


Don't leave any system backups in the http document directories.


And if you look at your server access logs, this is continuous. Consider an ecommerce website to be under attack 24/7


The reason is obvious, they want your customer's stuff. And it's not odd, criminal activity is as old as humans.

Re: System Backup Search

Hi chiefair, 


Thanks for that, I did wonder whether that would be the case. 


I'm confident there are no back ups in the http directory.  


Is there anything else I can do to ensure my website is as water tight as it can be? 


Any help would be great. Smiley Happy