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patch problem

patch problem


after trying to install the patches my website wont open anymore.

it show: 
Fatal error: Class 'Mage_Install_Controller_Router_Install' not found in /home3/MY on line 17831



what did i do?

anyway to revert it back??



thanks in advance!


Re: patch problem

i was trying to install 

Re: patch problem

You got the Compiler enabled.

First you'll need to disable de compiler and delte de compiled files (and cache, of course)

Second step is to apply the patch (you did this so you can skip).

Once everything has started to work fine again you can enable the compiler again.

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Re: patch problem

Common SUPEE-5994 patch application issue. It tries to add a file, the path doesn't exist, so the new file isn't created despite it showing up in installed.patches.list as having successfully completed.


The following file is missing




Here for fix =>

Re: patch problem


thanks alot!

the problem was the catch it needed to be cleaned manually.