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Did you mean: Sort Configurable Products Issue - shows all color ways Sort Configurable Products Issue - shows all color ways

using standard rwd theme

using shoes as product example. Both simple and configurable. Configurable > Associated Products are set:  "Not Visible Individually"
Shoe size is first sort order, then color

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Currently Shopping by:
Shoe size: 10.5

This will of course list all the shoe's in stock with a 10.5 attribute attached.  Problem is with configurable products it list all the color ways of said configurable even if a color way does not have a 10.5 attribute set.

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Currently Shopping by:

Color: Navy Gum

This will of course show all Navy Gum shoes but it will also show all colors for a configurable product if it has at least 1 Navy Gum shoe. It also shows all available sizes for those associated product color ways and not just the size(s) that Navy Gum is available in.


Which you wont know that it doesn't exist until you go to the product page and you wont be able to highlight and order.

This will be confusing/annoying to the customer.
So is there a way to correct this so that configurable products only show color ways/sizes in stock?
(in the above example it should return "No Products Found" as I do not have the combination Shoe size:10.5 & color:Navy Gum in stock.)