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1.9.3 Admin screen - system/configuration link not working

1.9.3 Admin screen - system/configuration link not working

Hi everyone, really hoping someone can help/suggest some solutions!


My Magento install has been stable for a good few months, with no recent admin changes/mods etc.


Went into admin this morning, and attempted to click on system/config link in and although the link appears:


problem is the page never loads! I just get loading webpage icon in the browser...


If I stop the page loading in the browser (by clicking x), then non of the other admin links (including log out) work....


If however, I just go into admin, I can access all other admin links normally as long as I don't try and click on system/config...


It has been working fine up until this morning, so I was thinking it was a cookie/cache issue?


I have tested in IE11/Edge/Safari

I have gone into ftp, renamed var/cache and var/session so clean ones are created

I have deleted cookies via the webbrowser


Unfortunately that has not resolved.


Any assistance/ideas greatly appreciated!


Many thanks.


Re: 1.9.3 Admin screen - system/configuration link not working



You should check your browsers console log (to be sure which calls are being made) and also the Magento logs and the webserver error log.

It seems there is a call that never ends (maybe some 3rd-party module is "calling home").


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