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404 Error When Looking Up Shipping Rates

404 Error When Looking Up Shipping Rates

I have a 3rd party plugin that fetches Canada Post rates based upon weight and postal code and it's worked great until I upgraded Magento to

Now when I try to fetch the shipping rates via the front end or admin area, the web browser will forward me to a "404 page not found" error. The 404 error that is displayed has been generated by the web browser and not by Magento.

Ive tried to contact the plugin support email but they're brutally slow and my site hasn't been working for 1 week which has stopped a lot of sales.

I got so desperate that I paid for a new plugin from a different company but then, to my surprise, I got the exact same issue with a different plugin.

Is there any suggestions anyone can give?? I would deeply appreciate any help or insight.