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404 error: Page not found. Version

404 error: Page not found. Version

Current Website:


I am a newb to Magento - today is Day 1 for me and I have been given the task to duplicate a current Magento store from here:


to here:


There are multiple stores within this installation and I tried my best to "duplicate" everything that I could.  The site is on an un-managed dedicated server that I don't really know how to use, so cPanel is not an option.  I have no idea what I have done wrong as there appear to be thousands of moving parts / things that 'could' go wrong.  I have spent hours going through Google searches and trying numerous things but nothing is working.  Any help would be most appreciated. 



- David.


Re: 404 error: Page not found. Version

Hi @david_steenkamp,


Just to be clear. You want to have a new path for your store under the same domain, maybe into the same server. Right?

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