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404 error, when downloading custom option (file)

404 error, when downloading custom option (file)

Hi everyone,


we are using magento and have changed our store to use store-code URLs. 

We are also using the custom option for file upload on a lot of products. Now, since using the store-code URLs, the links for viewing the uploaded files do not work anymore.


We can't access the file with the link in the order summary, in the backend.

Also the link provided in the customer e-mail does not refer to the file. They just end up on a 404-page.


The file can be found on the server in the media/custom-option/x/x/ folder.


The links are displayed like this:

storecode/index.php/sales/download/downloadCustomOption/id/10769/key/20283056cc2478361274/ (E-Mail Link)

index.php/admin/sales/download/downloadCustomOption/id/10769/key/20283056cc2478361274/ (Admin Link)


I have no idea what the issue seems to be and turning off the store-code URLs is not an option.


Do you have any suggestions/ know a solution for this?


Thanks in advance and best regards!