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AOE Scheduler and Bluehost

AOE Scheduler and Bluehost

Has anyone been successful setting up AOE Scheduler to work with Bluehost?


I've tried just about everything that I can think of, including many posts here.


This thread best describes the issue that I'm having:


I've been able to get the base Magento crons running using the following commands:

*/5     *     *     *     *     /bin/sh /{magento path}/ cron.php -m=always
*/5     *     *     *     *     /bin/sh /{magento path}/ cron.php -m=default


Here is the Bluehost 'help' page for crons:


The AOE Scheduler Cron refuses to work properly

/bin/sh /{magento path}/public_html/ --mode always

/bin/sh /{magento path}/public_html/ --mode default


Their tech support is very unhelpful, the moment you mention Crons they say that they don't offer support for them and to contact the site developer.


I've had this issue on several Bluehost hosted Magento sites now, I'd really like to find an answer!