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Able to recover anything?

Able to recover anything?

Last week we mistakenly deleted our main account that held our website information and unfortunately had corrupt back ups and lost our whole site. Is there any way to recover any of the database history of recent orders or client list or anything? 


We've looked at it as a blessing in disguise as we were quite fed up with the old site and had major issues with it. So were happy about the rebuilding but it is a shame to lose the whole database of orders and our customers information.




Re: Able to recover anything?

Hi @justchillin,



It is great that you see the positive side of the situation after the problem that you had.


Regarding your question, the only way to recover information is by reviewing a database backup from your website.


If you have a corrupt database, you could try to fix the database by using the Magento Database Repair Tool:



I hope you are able to repair the database to recover your information.

Best regards.

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