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About Reset Password Problem magento

About Reset Password Problem magento

Hi, I got a problem on magento about "forgot password", first I submit e-mail address as  follow:





And second, it shows me as follow:



I don't understand why jump to " your password reset link has expired" here, any body can help me please, thank you very much. Have a nice day.


Re: About Reset Password Problem magento

Hi @wuguangyan,


Can you check if the configuraiton is right?


Área de trabajo 1_005.pngCustomer Password configuration



Also, can you check if the locale and the server time are configured properly?

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Re: About Reset Password Problem magento

Hi, thank you very much for your reply, I have check and change locale time to meet server time, still show me that problem, I just input forget password e-mail and submit, it show me "Your password reset link has expired", and didn't send any reset password e-mail, I will check some files, may be somewhere has problem, thanks again for your help.