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Active Simples

Active Simples



We have a problem with simples which are active despite the fact that their configurables have been deactivated.  The problem with this is that Google Shopping sees the simple as live in the data feed so tries to list it but gets a 404 as these simples are configured not to display.  


This results from lazy deactivation of products. Instead of deactivating all the simples then the configurables, people are just disabling the configurable because to them that seems to acheive the desired aim, and nobdoy can see the products on the site.


And yes, I have been through this with everybody several times to insist that they must deactivate simples, but despite this we still have 2k simples which are active and causing 404 errors.


Is there anyway to systematically search for simples which are not configured to display on their own, and don't have an active configurable and switch them to inactive?  I tried searching for extensions which might do this but so far haven't come across anything that looks helpful.

Unfortuantely our developers don't seem to have any bright ideas either.

Many thanks in advance