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Adding products to cart extremly slow (but only for loggedin users)

Adding products to cart extremly slow (but only for loggedin users)


since some days our websites (multishop installation) have some serious performance problems. No patches, no modules were installed for a longer time.

Adding products to cart is extremly slow if a user is logged in. If you are not logged in, everything runs fast.
Same issues for logedin customers on the checkout page. If a customer calls the page checkout, everything loads fine, but the ajax call is extremly slow. (127 seconds for saving the order) Changing the address => 127 seconds to wait till ajax call returns OK
Same issue in the backend when generating an order and checking for the available shipments.

I turned on the profiler to see what happens
Everything is fine (Time < 0.2) except

Code Profiler     Time      Cnt         Emalloc RealMem

mage    127.7308              1             0             0

mage::dispatch::routers_match              127.6751              1             0             0

mage::dispatch::controller::action::checkout_cart_index           127.6535              1             0             0

Magento is an old and has been up since years without problems.

What I have done so far without performance benefits:
Cleared the cache /var/cache
Truncated logging db tables
Deleted all rows in quotes tables older than 4 days.

Anyone out there who may point me to the right direction ?

Thanks in advance