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Admin login stopped working

Admin login stopped working



I'm a developer with no magento experience and we have a client who came to us because their magento admin login stopped working (ver 1.9). I get the error message that my username and password are incorrect, though I know that is not the case as I have reset the passwords in the db and made an entire new admin user. 


I've tried everything outlined here:


But nothing has made any change, any ideas?






Re: Admin login stopped working

Hello Dylan,


If you try many solutions, but they can't tackle your problem. You should try to use database solution. I think admin user maybe looked because your client forgot his password and try login into Admin many times.


There is a solution here for updating old pass :


Hope my suggestion is useful for you in this situation.

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Re: Admin login stopped working

if you get error message about wrong password - then it is.

you need to check if your reset worked properly. 

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