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Admin order status email issue 1.9.2


Admin order status email issue 1.9.2

In the admin of Magento > Sales > Orders


If I open an order to edit it to change the order status in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page in the "comments history" section from processing to completed an email notification should be sent to the CLIENT that placed the order to let them know, however instead of doing that the process is sending the email to the ADMIN user?

Any idea why this would be happening and how to fix it please...

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Re: Admin order status email issue 1.9.2

When you want to change status / add comment to the order, and you want to send email notification to the Customer, you have to check "Notify Customer by email" checkbox, as you can see in this screenshot:unspecified.png

If you're receiving the same email in Admin's mailbox, then it maybe that you have added email as carbon copy in: System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Sales Emails -> Order Comments, input filed Send Order Comment Email Copy To.


If you think that your Magento still behaves strange, then it can be only due to 3rd party extension or custom development, and that's something that no one can help you without taking a look into code base.



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