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Administrative user unable to edit Static Block pages

Administrative user unable to edit Static Block pages

I'm using Magento but i've applied the all the security patches, but this problem existed even before patching.


As we're getting ready towards launch, I work with someone who will be needing to maintain the website. However, when they try to edit  text for CMS Static block pages, they're unable to save. They do press save block / Save and Continue edit but magento doesn't apply the changes and the page resets to what it was before they started editing.


Myself, i've not experienced this issue. I've made the user an Admin with all resources. I've made test accounts, and it worked using the same permission, and i also signed in as the user and made changes. It worked for myself.


They cleared their browser cache, and they could make 1 change then the problem started happening again.


Does anyone know how to make it so the administrator doesn't have to clear their web browser cache for EVERY single edit?