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All my website is blank pages

All my website is blank pages



Since this morning, when i go on my website, i have only blank pages. However a few minutes before i noticed that issue, i was on the website and was able to see it and connect to the admin pages. I didn't make any changes so i can't understand why i can't see my website.


I went to var/report and fixed one error of db table "marked as crashed" but no improvements. I cleared the cache but nothing more...


Last week I restored my website with a backup but it was well after that. The website was ok and nothing else of technical was made since.


Please help me if you have any idea of what i can do !


Re: All my website is blank pages

Hi @supportBA,


How are you?

You should start by checking all your possible logs.

Take a look at:

- /path/to/your/magento/var/log/exception.log

- /path/to/your/magento/var/log/system.log

- Your webserver error logs

- Your database logs


Also you can check the reports (I know isn't easy but you could find useful information there).

Re: All my website is blank pages

Hi @Damian Culotta,


Thanks for your answer !


I checked the reports and my database errors and both noticed a table crashed (watchlog) but i repaired it yesterday and it didn't make my website work better sadly.


When I look at my error_log I have several messages like these ones :

[Mon Aug 21 05:46:57 2017] [info] [client] (104)Connection reset by peer: core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Mon Aug 21 07:58:46 2017] [error] [client] File does not exist: /data/apache/main/pub/mysql


One is just an info so it shouldn't be a big deal but the other one is an error and I have it a lot with different clients. Sould I worry about that ?


And in system.log I have nothing recent, only some "Warning: SimpleXMLElement::__construct()" from a few months ago.


I have no idea of what to do to get back my website and i really hope someone can help me, thanks a lot.

Re: All my website is blank pages

Are you being able to connect to your database using the shell?

It seems like you have a problem with your database server (but I'm not completely sure)

Re: All my website is blank pages

I am not sure how i could do that. I am not very used to Magento's database. Could you explain me a bit more what you expected to do ?

Thanks a lot.

Re: All my website is blank pages

Take a look to this file:



There you'll find some information but you need to look for something like:


                    <initStatements><![CDATA[SET NAMES utf8]]></initStatements>

Now, if you can connect by SSH to your server, execute this command.



Then you'll need to enter the PASSWORD


(Of course, I've used variables, you'll need to replace those witrh your current credentials)

Re: All my website is blank pages

Thank you so much ! That's been so long that I was trying to connect with no success !  Now I will look deeper on my database to see what could be possibly "broken".


Re: All my website is blank pages

Hi (again),


Now that I am connected to my database, I would like to know how I can know if a table is crashed. I know how to do it manually one after the other with "CHECK TABLE table_name" but not with the 441 tables simultaneously.


It seems that my blank pages problem comes from my database so I'd like to solve it.



Re: All my website is blank pages

I finally found how to see what table could be corrupted. I made a PHP script :



if (!mysql_connect(HOST, USER, PASSWORD)){
	echo 'impossible to connect';

$dbname = 'NAME';
$useDB = mysql_select_db($dbname);
$listTables = mysql_query("SHOW TABLES") OR exit(mysql_error());

while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($listTables)) {
	$table = $row[0];
	$query = "CHECK TABLE ".$table;
	$response = mysql_query($query) OR exit(mysql_error());
	$result = mysql_fetch_row($response);
	echo "Table ".$table." has for status : ".$result[3];
	echo "\n";	



Maybe it will help someone.


But no table is crashed in my db and I don't know at all from where my issue comes...

Re: All my website is blank pages

Hi @supportBA,


I'm running out of ideas with this information.

Maybe is time to get qualified support? Without seeing your server/logs I'm not sure which another tip I can provide.