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Assign images to import products with csv


Assign images to import products with csv

Hello everyone and thanks for your time. I have a problem when importing products with a csv file from System -> Import / Export -> Import, products are all inserted correctly with your data but images not assigned to any product, I tested in the following ways:

1-> Copying the folder / media / catalog / product / store the old to the new as it will copy all of its products, and the route that has the image column in each product is for example: / t / u / nougat .jpg.
2-> placing the images in the folder / var / importexport / route and has the image column in each product is eg /nombredeimagen.jpg.

No problem is that or I'm doing wrong.
Magento CE version is
I would like if anyone knows how to solve my problem to answer me and thank you very much for everything.
I would also like to know which is the best way to import the images of all products and I come in the csv file with a url and not if using a script should load the import or do folder.
I also want to ask if it would be better to use version 2 or if this (
Thank you so much


Re: Assign images to import products with csv



Importing products with images, you need to put your images in media/import folder before import (this is where Magento will look for images during upload) and in your file you need to put image names with leading slash - like - /imagename.jpg


After the import images will be uploaded according to Magento hierarchy: into media/catalog/product and 2 subfolders of the basis of image name.
So for image with name - image123.jpg the path will be media/catalog/product/i/m/image123.jpg. Picture with name - shoes.jpg will be during import placed to - media/catalog/product/s/h/shoes.jpg


Here is also tutorial with screenshots for the details -

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Re: Assign images to import products with csv

Perfect thank you very much is solved, it works correctly but at the end I chose to use my own script with which I import all products with their images from a csv.

Thank you so much for everything