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Wondering if there is a solution to this.  


Orders that are paid via direct post seem to create an automatic shipment.


This is disruptive to my erp system.  Any idea if there is a way to prevent this?  







Re: order creates automatic shipment

Do you have any shipping/invoicing extensions installed?


Have you checked under System < Order Statuses in your Magento Admin?

Re: order creates automatic shipment



I have the ship station extension installed.  When this "ghost" shipment occurs there is an email generated that requests a shipment.  The text of this email is contained within the ship station extension code.  It would make sense that the ship station extension is causing this issue, but ship station tech support is claiming it is not the extension itself, but rather something else that is triggering this.


Not sure what to look for in the order status configuration.  All appears to be normal there.


Thank you for your reply