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Automatic product update

Automatic product update

I taking over managing a Magento  CE V shop and still finding my way around it. When a products name is changed, the existing links from google are giving 404's for the url's with the old name instead of redirecting to the new page and getting a 301.


To be more clear, let's say google has this page listed:

http://my site .com/blue-widget-290c-widgets.html

and I change the products name so the url becomes

http://my site .com/red-widget-290c-widgets.html


Before the name change, a link in google would find the page. After the change a 404 page is shown.


I know I can manually add the redirect in the URL Rewrite Maintenance section and that does work but I'm wondering if that is how Magento works or if I am missing something? Is there a known fix for this or maybe some setting I have to change? Or do I need to enter such changes in manually each time?


Re: Automatic product update



If you are changing it in magento the option to have it automatically do it for you is a check box underneath the URL key "Create Permanent Redirect for old URL". I was trying to find where it is in the System Configuration but didn't see it. 

Re: Automatic product update

I can't find it either. I found a post that said it was in Configuration->Catalog but that isn't the case in my version. Maybe it is a setting added in a later version.