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Back Up - Turned to White Screen

Back Up - Turned to White Screen

Hey Everyone,


desperate for some kind of answer- hope you can help.


i decided to back up the website this morning using the standard magento system, i also clicked 'move into maintainence mode' before clicking ok to commence.


i then waited for a while which anything really happening.


i now have a complete white screen website.


i think the site backed up? i have a 2.5gb file (1482528157_snapshot_24_Dec_2016.tgz) in my var/backups file so seems ok.


i also thought that the problem might be the maintainence.flag file.... i have removed this and still no luck.



Any ideas anyone... hopefully something simple!???? 




Re: Back Up - Turned to White Screen

Hi @nick_heg


There may be mysql time out issue or php memory issue.

Did you check the System.log and exception.log file? If catalog size is huge do not take backup using Magento admin instead use SSH commands.

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