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Backend Manual order

Backend Manual order

Hi all,


I want to create a manual backend order without processing a payment in magento. This situation occurs when we have b2b orders that need to be processed and dispatched, but payment is sent later by bank transfer, etc. 


Our front end is setup to only take credit card and paypal payments only.


When I try to create a manual order in the backend I get the error: No Payment method available (which is understandable).


What is the best way to do this? Do we need custom coding so that in the backend we can select pay by check, and code so 'check payment' options do not appear in the front end?


I would expect there to be a better method of doing this and appreciate any advice.




Re: Backend Manual order

You will need to copy the following to your local code pool or create a custom module to handle the code






Then you need to modify the following:

protected $_canUseInternal = true;
protected $_canUseCheckout = false;
You will then see your method only in the backend
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